Rio Bravo Community Association

A Domestic Nonprofit Mutual Benefit California Corporation

2019 Board of Directors

Mark Hall, President
A local farmer and resident at Rio Bravo Community Association. 

Fred Wiley, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
A resident at Rio Bravo Community Association.

Phil Crosby, Secretary
A resident at Rio Bravo Community Association.

The Board is also served by Delegates, as defined in the governing documents, which are appointed by the Merchant Builder and subsequently elected annually by the Subsidiary Associations.  Delegates vote on Owner specific items on behalf of all members they represent to their Subsidiary Associations. 

2019 Delegates

Terry Walker, Delegate
Montagna Homeowners Association

Raj Doshi, Delegate(s)
Rio Vista Estates Homeowners Association

James Mc Farland, Delegate
Rio Vista Homeowners Association

Johnny Duenas, Delegate
The Manors at Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo 224, LP, Delegate/Merchant Builder
Estates of Rio Bravo Homeowners Association

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